Best Video Chat Apps For iPhone 2017

Best Video Chat Apps For iPhone 2017

Best Video Chat Apps For iPhone 2017

If you’re searching for some best iPhone apps that allow you to do video chat with your friends or just need an alternate of Facetime, you can try these best video chat apps for iPhone that are available for free and have great function and working. And, the another great thing is that most of these apps are available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and other popular mobile operating systems too. So, you can video chat with your friends even if they don’t have an iPhone or iPad.

1. WhatsApp Messenger:


The world’s most popular chatting app now introduce video calling feature in its App. At this time, almost every smartphone users have WhatsApp application in their phones. So, this app video calling feature lets you make free video call by using your mobile data plan. This is one of the best video calling apps for iPhone, with the help of this application you can easily call anyone who are in your mobile’s contact list using this App too, So, you don’t need to remember usernames or email addresses.

2. Messenger:


Facebook Messenger  is one of the world most hugely used chatting app on mobile devices. Now, you can use your Fb Messenger app for making a video calling to your friends. This app lets you text chatting as well as audio and video chatting too. You can easily make video call to one or more friends using Messenger app on your iPhone. With the help of Messenger App you can do video chat with all your Facebook friends and contacts in your mobile phone book.

3. Google Duo – simple video calling:

Google Duo

If you want a simple and easy to use one to one video calling app for your iPhone, Google Duo is prrfectly for you. It doesn’t allow group video calling features like Hangouts and other video calling apps do. This is one of the simplest one to one video calling apps on the Apple App Store for iPhone.  Google Duo is a cross platform video chatting app that is available free for both iPhone and Android devices users.

4. Tango Text, Voice & Video:


Tango is generally being a good ch0ices for those who looking for massive group chat with all your friends at a single time. This app allow you to do group chat with up to 50 friends. The Video, phone calls & messages are free, no login id & password had required. It can automatically find your friends who are using Tango.  You can also share your photos during a call and apply animation effect on your calls & messages with fun animations. It is Available for all platforms such as iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone and Windows PC.

5. ooVoo Video Call, Text and Voice:


ooVoo is one of the most popular app for doing video chats with multiple friends at a time. This app allow you to quickly make calls to your 12 friends at a time and put 5 friends on pop-up speed dial. You can search for friends on ooVoo and on social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter, Gmail. etc. You can make video call, instant text or video message and share photos with ooVoo app on your iPhone. It is available for iPhone, Mac, Android and PC.

6. WeChat:


The WeChat App have some good features such as it allow you to send voice messages, video calls, photos, and text messages for free, and get incoming message alerts instantly with push notifications. You can also share, like and comments on photos with your friends. WeChat is available for all mobile platform like iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Nokia Mobiles.

7. Skype for iPhone:


Skype app lets you make video and voice call, send instant messages (video, voice and text), share photos, call any mobile or landline number. It is one of the official app of the most popular video calling services, and hugely adopted by the professional  people and business personal. Skype is available on many platform such as iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Windows Phone, Window 8 RT, Linux, Kindle Fire HD, BlackBerry, etc.

8. Hangouts:


The official Google Hangouts app allows you to make HD video calls for work or education with up to 25 people. Its services can also be accessed online through the Gmail or Google+ websites. With this app, you requires your gmail id to access all features of Google Hangouts like Video chat, messaging, SMS and Voice calls. Google Hangouts is available for iPhone, iPad, Android and Chrome.

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