Best Free Keyboards Apps For Android or Smartphones 2017

Free Keyboards Apps For Android or Smartphones 2017

Best Free Keyboards Apps For Android or Smartphones 2017

Free Keyboards Apps For Android or Smartphones 2017

Looking for the best keyboards apps for your Android or Smartphones too. Then just read all the below written post and read it totally. After reading, you will come to know that there are many apps from through which you can enhance your smartphone’s performance as well as it is necessary that one must have installed some of the below written apps. So the best of 10 best keyboard apps for your new Android are listed below.

  1. Google Keyboard
  2. Chrooma Keyboard
  3. SwiftKey
  4. Go Keyboard
  5. Fleksy Keyboard
  6. Hacker’s Keyboard
  7. TouchPal
  8. GIF Keyboard
  9. Microsoft Hub Keyboard
  10. Google Handwriting Input

1. Google Keyboard: This keyboard is by default in your smartphone. Smartphones which have OEM’s opt have to install their own keyboard. Latest version features of themes as well as customization are available in this keyboard. This is one of the best keyboard for your smartphone.

2. SwiftKey: Swiftkey is that keyboard which is very smaller in its predictions as well as with the coupling of other clean features too. This used AI to automatically learn the writing styles, emojis, words which you like to type. Moreover, it provides the auto correct and predictive text.

3. Fleksy Keyboard: This is one of the most funnies keyboard ever which is free of cost and easily be available on your Android. This keyboard is very fast in speed during chatting time. This also allows you to find and send GIFs as well as customization the keyboard with some extensions and themes.

4. TouchPal: This is one of the most best app which ensures a robust security as well as privacy policy also. This app provides you a features like one-touch writing, emojis sticker, voice recognition, easy and fast typing.

5. Microsoft Hub Keyboard: This is one of the keyboard which provides you the unique features which includes Word and Excel in it. With this app, you can even share files and content from you Office Suite Apps.

6. Chrooma Keyboard: This keyboard is a light weight keyboard which is very fast in speed. Moreover, very time when we change the app, it tries to change the colors of keyboard with the Google-esque aesthetic.

7. Go Keyboard: Go Keyboard is also one of the free as well as cool keyboard for your android. This keyboard helps you in making correct sentences in fast speed and with some emojis, smiley stickers also.

8. Hacker’s Keyboard: This keyboard is basically used for entering the commands without typing all keys on a Keyboard. It is very much useful when we are basically try to use ALT , arrow keys or function keys.

9. GIF Keyboard: This keyboard is used to discover the right GIF or video to visual sum up exactly and it can easily be shared with your friends on Messenger, WhatsApps and many more.

10. Google Handwriting Input: This is one of the mostly used keyboard which supported printed as well as cursive handwriting or a fun way for entering emojis.

Hope you get the sufficient information from above post. After reading, for any kind of query from us, you have to just do a comment in to the below dialog box. Moreover, for more details just stay tuned with our website. This website will provide you all the details regarding the best applications as well as software too. So for this just stay tuned with us.

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