Best Blogging Apps For iPad and iPhone 2017

Blogging Apps 2017

Best Blogging Apps For iPad and iPhone 2017

Blogging Apps 2017

Below there is a list of Best Blogging Apps for iPad as well as iPhone. You can take an overview of below written post. Moreover, total 5 best blogging applications are mentioned. This post is especially for those who wants to write a blog on applications as well as one have their own iOs. Just take a look below. After reading the all below written post, you will come to know which one is the best application for iPad as well as iPhone too.

1. PressSync Pro For WordPress
2. Blogpress
3. WordPress
4. Tumbler
5. Buffer: Schedule Posts For Twitter and Instagram

1. PressSync Pro For WordPress: PressSync Pro is an unofficial WordPress app which can be used to manage the multiple WordPress blogs easily via your iPhone or iPad. This app has some advanced features like image tag editing, tag management, categories and many more. You can also even add photos to your blog without loosing any information and you can even remove geo tags from your photos with proper privacy.

2. Blogpress: Blogpress is a full featured app which supports all featured platforms like Joomla, Tumbler, Blogger, WordPress, Drupal, Movable Type, MSN Live Spaces, LiveJournal and many more. This app provides many useful features like easy photo and video uploading, emoji icons, networking sites integration, sharing features, local preview, geo tagging, password protection and many more.

3. WordPress: WordPress is the most official iOs app of all of the blogging platforms running over the world. Moreover, if you have your own WordPress blog then just simply download this app freely for iPad and iPhone. This application features have different types of blogs like free and self hosted websites too. With this app, you can easily manage all the WordPress blogs as well as you can also create and edit posts and pages, moderate comments, upload videos and photos,view stats from your own iPad or iPhone.

4. Tumbler: Tumbler is one of the most used blogging app over the whole world. It is available on every App store for easily free installation. Tumbler has all the features like posting texts, pictures, videos, links, save drafts, queue posts and many more. You can even post, like, reply and reblog via offline mode too.

5. Buffer: Schedule Posts For Twitter and Instagram: Buffer app is not actually a blogging app but it is useful for those bloggers who have their own iOs devices. You can even automate and manage your own blog post via this app. You can even share your post on various social networking apps like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Hope you get the sufficient information from above post. After reading, for any kind of query from us, you have to just do a comment in to the below dialog box. Moreover, for more details just stay tuned with our website. This website will provide you all the details regarding the best applications as well as software too. So for this just stay tuned with us.

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